Bingo Godz Review

Bingo Godz was established in August 2013 and brought a breath of fresh air. Brought to us by Bede Gaming, the corporation consists of bingo business specialists of several years standing including Noel Rouse and Simon Collins.

There are 6 distinct universes the Godz inhabit – 6 distinct Godz in each and each has a unique bonus it seems to bestow. Players must gather all 6 gods in a level to move to another. Gods appear during regular game play at arbitrary times and are gathered, provided tickets have already been bought in the game.

Bingo rooms that are accessible are Level 1 – Greek and Level 2 – Eastern. Cosmic, Tiki, Norse and Egyptian will open in due course.

The Godz names have yet to be chosen from mythology, simply based around Greek and Level 2. Thus we have AfroDity (Aphrodite) because her curly hair, etc.

Each god has a bonus attribute attached and it is fun learning what each is, we will not spoil the fun.

In February 2014 Bingo Godz revealed its first star god in the divine form -Coronation Street performer Helen Flanagan – deemed the Mancunian Goddess of Love Helena.

Bingo Godz was mainly designed as a mobile bingo website which can be played on computers, that adds to its exceptional qualities. The Program can be gotten in the Apple Store as well as the Android variation may be acquired on site.

There’s an active Facebook page that players ought to make sure you join to never miss the exciting offers the website launches on a regular basis.